library function

    Functions of the Central Library:
          According to Article 21 of the joint ministerial decision of July 08th, 1425, corresponding to August 24th, 2004, setting for the administration and organization of the University Directorate and Faculties.
    The Central Library of the University have to ensure the completion of the following tasks:  

            Proposed acquisition programs and documentation references in coordination with the university colleges and institutes.  
    Organisation of Theses and Dissertations.   
            Central Library References’ organization using the latest methods of treatment and arrangement. 
            Maintenance of the library documents.    
    Keeping a record of loans within the library store.
            Providing appropriate conditions for the usage of references by readers.
            Helping teachers, students and researchers in their bibliographical research.
            Helping administrators of colleges’ and institutes’ libraries in the administration of their tasks.   
          ♦  Contributing to the promotion of scientific and bibliographic research.
            Activate exchanges and cooperation with national and foreign institutions.

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