Requirements for theses submissions

    Requirements for theses submissions :

         Provide a hardcopy of the original research paper.
         Provide a PDF copy file on a CD-ROM or DVD.
         Digital format should not contain any protection (password, encryption) or a digital signature.
         Do not use a PDF file format which automatically cause the creation of a digital encryption that may hide some of the work’s paragraphs.
        Thesis must be accompanied by a DOC format version that includes: the title of the work, summary of the proposal and keywords.
        If the thesis is written in a foreign language rather than French and English (  such as : Russian, German ...), you must provide the title of the work and key words in French.

    According to the law order, number 153 dated on May 14 th, 2012 wich concerns the creation of dissertations and theses table list and sets the produres of providing it and use it. 

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