Library presentation

            Establishment of the University Library:

          After the issuance of the Executive Decree No. 11-404 dated on Muharram 03rd, 1433 BC, corresponding to November 28th, 2011, including the establishment of Setif 2 University, the Main Library was established as a result of the process of transforming documents of the Library of Setif 1 University. The Library services started during the academic year 2012-2013.

            Location and Departments:
    The Central Library includes two separate rooms in terms of location:

    1. Reading and External Loan Room: This is located in 4000 pedagogical seats complex and consists of two floors. The ground floor comprises:

             Loan Bank for graduate students
             Loan Bank for undergraduate students and teachers.
             Book store.
             Library Administration.

    The Library provides an index and a hard copy to get to the documents available at the library.
    The first floor is a reading room equipped with the necessary means to work, and can accommodate up to 300 readers.

    2. References and Periodicals Room: located in 3000 pedagogical seats complex (College of Humanities and Social Sciences previously) on the first floor next to the Deanery, and is provided for reading only for last year graduate students , post graduate students and teachers. Readers are allowed to have direct access to theses, dictionaries, encyclopedias and journals. It accommodates 72 students.
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