Library Regulations

    Central Library Regulations

          These rules are designed for the best usage of the Central Library of the University Setif -2 - and benefits of its services.

     External Loan: There are two different library Bank Loans, one for graduate students and another one for post-graduate students and teachers. Each category should keep to its own bank loan.

    Every reader has the right to take documents out of the library if respecting the following conditions:
         √  Graduate Students : (02) two books for 15 days, subject to renewal.
        √   Post-graduate Students: (04) four books for a period of 21 days, subject to renewal.
        √   Teachers: (05) books for one-month, and this is renewable.

     ♦   delays in return books results in students’ deprivation from loans, the punishment period is determined by the library’s management.
     ♦   No entry to book stores whatever the reason is.
     ♦  Wasting or spoiling books requires the reader to pay for the book or to buy five books having the same title by different authors

    Internal loan: The University Central Library allows readers to have an access to internal documents and books available at the reference and periodicals room, such as:

           √  Theses
           √  Scientific journals
           √  Dictionaries and encyclopedias
           √  Reference books and bibliographies   
              Frequently used books where there is only one copy.

    Reading these documents is allowed only inside the building, all documents can not be taken out of the library

    The Reading Room:

        ♦   The Reading Room is a place for research and study, all students should avoid any behavior that would create problems or annoyment for other readers.
       ♦    Presenting the reader card to enter the building is mandatory.
       ♦    Remaining calm and maintaining cleanliness inside the room is the responsibility of all.

     Strictly prohibited:

           -    The use of mobile devices (MP3, MP4    

           -    Standing inside the room, whether seats are available or not.                    
            -    Moving chairs and tables from their places 
            -    Moving between tables without reasons.
            -    All acts that affect the University morals.


    Violation of any regualtion of the library results in:

    Warning and/or an order to leave the place if necessary.
    Immediate retreat of the reader’s card and prevention of the library services for a certain period.
    -  Permanent prevention of library usage.

                                                                                                                                      Setif in: 02/13/2013
    Head of the Central Library


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